More Blogs and Websites

Chermayeff and Geismar – Brand Design Firm

Designflavr – visual inspiration

Dexigner – inspiration from a variety of creative fields

Dornob – “design ideas daily”

Identityworks – corporate identity

Logopond – logo inspiration

Lovely Package – packaging inspiration

Modern Dog – design studio in Seattle

Muse – a collection of inspiration

Netdiver – features design from 1995 – 2010

Re-Magazine – editorial experimentation. Each issue is about the life of one person

Share Some Candy – variety of design inspiration

Society6 – visual inspiration

The Association of Magazine Media

Theme Magazine – “Theme is an award winning magazine covering global contemporary arts and lifestyle through the lens of Creativity”

Type Union – a place where you can share your typographic work

Web Design Ledger – web design inspiration, tutorials, tips, and freebies

Winterhouse – “Winterhouse Institute focuses on non-profit, self-initiated projects that support design education, as well as social and political initiatives.”


Three tutorials that might help you:

Character Illustration with Live Paint in Illustrator

From Sketch to Vector

Separating Complex Objects from Background


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