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Web Design Inspiration

Site Inspire



40 Examples of Beautiful Typography in Web Design

30 Beautiful Web Designs with Subtle Texturing


mmmm grids!

Editorial Design

Who is taking editorial design this quarter or working on some editorial design projects? Have I got some inspiration for you!

Creative Print Typography Layouts

Inspirational Pagination: Magazine Layouts

Editorial Designs on Creattica

A Taste of Editorial Design Inspiration



Really Good Examples of Editorial Design

20 Magazine Layout Designs for Inspiration

Beautiful Editorial Design by Julie Katrine Andersen

Have fun going through them! 🙂

***Update: I’m not sure why the MagSpreads link doesn’t always work when you click on it, but if you plug it into Google you should be able to get to the site from there!

Environmental Design

For anyone taking Environmental Design this quarter these two resources might help you.

Dwell Magazine

SEGD – Society for Environmental Graphic Design

Type Week Wrap-Up

I hope everyone enjoyed the Type Carousel Friday! Here are some links to wrap up the fun week we had celebrating Type Week at RIT!

Typofonderie – an independent digital type foundry in France

13 Inspiring Typography Videos – creative kinetic typography

How to Choose the Right Typography Font for Your Designs

50 Fresh High Quality Free Fonts for Your Designs

Ultimate Guide of Web Typography Tutorials, Tips, and Best Practices

A Basic Look at Typography in Web Design